Water Pumping

Whether pumping water for stock, irrigation or household use, we can help you with a solution that best suits your site and needs. Choose from solar powered, grid powered or water powered. We will happily visit your site to assess and discuss all the options.

For some years now we have also been working with a very small company with a truly amazing product which utilises the flow of water from even very small creeks to pump water steadily across the landscape to the destination of your choice. The amazing self powering glockeman pump is built to last a lifetime and with no pumps or batteries etc will just quietly sit in your rural creek or river pumping water up to your home.



The Glockemann 320 Oasis

Incorporating modern design and manufacturing, the user-friendly Glockemann has eliminated many of the problems normally associated with water powered pumps.

Designed to be installed in a river, creek or stream the Glockemann will operate constantly, producing a reliable, cost-free, daily water supply.

Once installed the Glockemann is virtually cost free, no petrol, diesel or electricity costs and no expensive maintenance or repairs. The diaphragm rubber is the exact consistency of tractor inner tube and can easily be replaced by cutting one from an old inner tube. All nuts, bolts and piston cups are stock sizes readily available from your local hardware or irrigation suppliers.

Built to last, the environmentally friendly Glockemann 320 is an efficient durable alternative to fuel-powered pumping, providing cost free, odour free, noise free, trouble free water for year after year.

Glockemann 320 Oasis


Simplicity of design is the key to the Glockemann’s reliability, consciously designed as a low tech, low maintenance pump. The few moving parts the Glockemann has are all mounted on long lasting, hard-wearing rubber, there is no metal to metal action at all.

Low Supply Head

The Glockemann will function with a drop in the creek of as little as 0.4 of a metre with a maximum allowable drop of 1.5 metres.

Low Maintenance

Having few moving parts and no metal to metal action means there is practically no wear. This means absolute minimal maintenance. Under normal circumstances it will be necessary to replace the leather piston cup (a 10 minute job) every 6-9 months and perhaps a diaphragm every 1 or 2 years (a 30 minute job).


A pleasing attribute of the Glockemann is its noiseless operation, whisper quiet, no banging or loud mechanical noises. Stand alongside while it is operating, listen carefully and all you will hear is the soft swish of water being expelled from the pump as the Glockemann works steadily away for you.


The Glockemann can be installed virtually anywhere, no need for long, straight, metal drive tubes. Use p.v.c. tubes with 30, 45, or 90 degree elbows to suit your site. The Glockemann is equipped with an easily interchangeable piston bore which allows the user to select the correct ratio for their site: small ‘bore’ for high delivery heads, large ‘bore’ for low delivery heads. The adjustable throttle allows the user to regulate the Glockemann, in dry times, when the flow in the creek begins to fall, just turn it down , to as little as 25% capacity.

Strength & Durability

Manufactured from cast iron with high grade stainless steel bores, springs and fittings.


The Glockemann is built to last a lifetime!!

$1925 incl GST (Plus Freight)

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