Not only can water provide an exceptional power resource on rural properties, but there are a number of different ways you can direct your existing water source to feed your house, shed or home office.

Talk to our rural experts about the best way of harnessing your water source and pumping to provide your shed, stock and home with sufficient water for your needs.

We offer free site consultation and quotation and will always find a solution that suits both your pocket and your power requirements.


If you are lucky enough to have a good ‘head’ of water on your property (the falling energy of water) then a hydraulic ram might be a good way of transporting that water into your house or holding tank.  Hydraulic rams are inexpensive, highly effective and long-lasting (if noisy!).


If you find the constant noise of a Hydraulic Ram disturbs the peace and serenity of your ‘tree change’, or you don’t have a substantial water fall, then the revolutionary, silent,  technology of the Glockemann will provide a viable alternative.  This Australian designed and manufactured product uses the energy of water falling only a short distance to power a diaphragm piston pump. The Glockemann Water Pump is highly efficient, runs silently, and is simple to operate and maintain, even for non technical users. Manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel and stainless steel. The pump incorporates a shut off mechanism which prevents damage by severe flooding and also prevents the pumping of heavily silted water.

Glockeman Installation Guide

Glockemann Technical Specifications