Buying a rural property, whether for a ‘tree change’ or farm, can seem daunting when there is no mains power. But nothing is more natural, or easy, than relying on the sun for all your power needs.

As solar panels have become more competitively priced, a stand-alone solar system has become more affordable and is a one-off investment which frees you from the power companies for life.

Just as living on tank water changes the way you use water, living with solar will change the way you use power. We don’t quote an off the shelf price for a system – everybody’s power usage is unique! Instead we ask you to fill out the Solar Power System Sizing Document

You may have very simple power needs (lights, TV, radio) or you might need to power a family home with teenagers (lots of TV’s, computers, power hungry appliances etc). Either way you will probably be amazed at how much power you will need to generate in order to fulfil your brief, and most people enjoy the education process and learn to be more power-wise and love the feeling of independence that living off the grid brings.

If you are building a shed or new home on your rural property we suggest you talk to us BEFORE you build as there is little point in building a city type home (all halogen downlights and reverse-cycle airconditioning) and then finding that you can’t afford to power it! We can
help ensure that you enjoy the quality of life you are used to, while maximising your power input and using the energy you produce efficiently and effectively.

Simply fill out the form and email or fax it back to us and we will assess and work out the optimum size of system for your personal requirements.



Do I have to have a North facing roof?
With a stand-alone system it is imperative to have the panels facing  as close to true North as possible.  However , they don’t have to be on  the roof – they can be on a shed, in a ground array, on a carport  etc.  We will come and assess the site and help you pick the perfect  place for them to ensure you create maximum power, all year round.

Will my solar system work on cloudy days?
All light created during the day provides some charge into your PV panels. The more direct sunlight, the more power you will generate.

Do I need a backup generator?
Realistically, yes. Particularly in high rainfall areas. We  recommend a backup generator for security in extended periods of bad  weather, or for running high energy requirement power tools or  appliances.

How long will the power last if the sun doesn’t shine?
All our systems are designed to operate at the power output you have  indicated you require/desire for five full days with no charge at all (pretty rare). However, you will soon learn to be a little more power  sensitive when the forecast is for prolonged wet weather and you haven’t seen the sun for a while!

How long will the batteries last for?
Your batteries come with between a 3 & 5 year warranty (dependent on  Manufacturer). But well maintained batteries should last at least ten  years.