Grid Connect


Become your own mini-power station with one of our Solar Power Grid Connect Systems

Power your Home or Business the friendly way with a true Renewable Energy (the sun).

Our Systems are designed to meet all the relevant Australian Standards, are modular and easy to install. They include everything you need to get your environmentally friendly power plant up & running in the shortest possible time.

Help climate change by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere by powering part or all of your home with a clean, green, renewable energy.


How it Works

Solar Panels that are mounted on your roof convert sunlight into DC electricity, this DC electricity then runs through an inverter that changes it from DC electricity to AC electricity the same as the power coming from the Grid (street).

The power from your Solar Power System is used in your house to power any loads that you have running, if there is not enough power being produced by your Solar Power System the shortfall is supplied from the Grid working in conjunction with your Solar Power System, if there is too much power being produced by your Solar Power System the excess is transferred back into the grid, which your electricity supplier will pay you for.


The Benefits of Solar Power


Solar electricity is a true renewable energy, it is a clean alternative power source that reduces your reliance on coal fired power stations and in turn preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. A solar power system can also help you meet new building energy efficiency standards in new homes.


A Solar power system is a financial investment that will reduce your electricity costs, it provides a fixed generation cost for the portion of your power requirements that the system produces.

Electricity costs are rising every year so the more power you can produce at a fixed cost the better of you are going to be.

Installing a solar power system to your home adds value to your home and is becoming a selling point when your home is up for sale.


The solar panels used in our Solar Power Systems are designed to withstand some pretty harsh weather conditions and you can rest easy in knowing that they come with a 25 year power output warranty.

All inverters that we use come with a standard 5 year warranty and most can be extended for an extra cost.

How Much Power will I generate?

For each kilowatt of solar power you will create an annual average of around 4.5 kilowatt hours (kWh) per day, you will create more in summer and less in winter due to the angle of the sun and the length of the day.  Factors that may impact on the output of the system are clouds, seasonal changes in the angle of the sun, array soiling, roof orientation and any shading of the panels.

An average Australian house consumers around 20 kWh’s of power per day and would require a 4-5kW Solar Power System to cover most or all of their power consumption.

You can find your average power consumption on your electricity bill and use it to work out the right size system for you.

Please contact our office for a free consultation & quote.



Do I need a North facing roof?

No.  We will individually assess your roof and sunshine quota.  We  have installed grid-connected system on east & west facing roofs  and are very impressed with the figures they are generating.

How much power will I save?

With the reduction of Feed-in Tarrifs (FiT) around Australia by the Energy Retailers this question is now a hard one to answer as it will vary for every installation depending upon your daytime usage.  Systems are now best sized to suit your daytime loads with little feed in to the grid as the retailers are now paying 8c or less per kilowatt hour feed back into the grid.  A small change in lifestyle can increase your solar power usage and reduce your dependance upon the grid.  High power usage tasks like pool pumps, clothes washing etc. are best completed during the day to utilise your solar power as much as possible.

Another option is to install one of our Grid Connect/Battery Backup/Self Use Solar Power Systems.

What are the warranties on the system?

There is a 25 year power output warranty on the photovoltaic panels

There is a five year standard warranty on the Inverter (10 year  extended warranty)