If you are considering solar or renewables for environmental, financial or ethical reasons, don’t be conned into buying cheap panels, inverters & batteries which will perform poorly, have a limited lifespan and may not be covered by warranty if the supplier goes out of business.

We’ve been through the boom and the bust in the solar industry, and now as power prices keep going up and the price of quality panels, inverters and batteries continue to come down, many Australians are choosing to take power production into their own hands. If you use power during the day, then Solar will dramatically cut your power bills. We will ensure that your investment is a wise one, adding to the value of your home or business and giving you power for years to come.

Talk to someone you can trust!  Ged McCarthy has been living and working with solar for over 20 years – he only sells the best products to obtain maximum value and lifespan.  Ged can help you harvest sun, water or wind power – on your farm, your tree change block, suburban house, caravan and more.

No sales pressure, no dodgy pricing or panels – just honest, reliable, local people who genuinely want to help you.